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Uncover the Best Candidate with These Four Interview Questions

Posted By Laurie A. Pehar Borsh, Wednesday, September 16, 2015

The success of a business is closely related to the people the business owner brings on board. Believe it or not, your employess can help you reach the success you envisioned!


For this to happen, you need to be sure you always bring in the best candidates for your business and company's culture.


A traditional interview, while it has its purposes, doesn't help you uncover the best possible candidates for your business.


To uncover the best of the best, you need to use tactics and questions beyond a regular interview.


In today's post we show you four questions that will help you reveal the top possible candidate for your business.


1. What Does Success Mean to You?

This question is really asking “what are the candidate's career goals?”

By asking about a candidate's definition of success, you'll know if the candidate:


a.      Is a good fit or not for the opening you have;

b.      Has goals that tie in with your company's goals;

c.      Is in for the long run or not.

You want people beside you for the long run, not people looking for a paycheck.


2. Who Inspires You?

We all have, at some point in our careers, met people who inspire us to do better, and be better – whether at a personal or professional level.


By asking potential candidates about their role models, you get a glimpse of their character and you'll understand what drives them.


Some people have a drive inside that motivates them to take action and these people don't need much guidance. Others are inspired by role models and try to emulate them.


Either way, asking this question gives you more information about the person before you and how they will fit in your company's culture.


3. What Motivates You Every Morning to Jump Off the Bed and Come to Work?

Great hires have in common a great energy and an inner motivation to learn. They know learning never ends and they have a genuine curiosity for their job – day-in and day-out.


These people are the rock stars your business needs. You'll find them always on top of things.


They are passionate about their work, motivated by diverse projects and they love to interact with and learn from as many people as possible.


4. What Do You Expect From This Company?

You need people by your side that share the same values and mission you envision for the business.


Finding out people's expectations from as early as the interview stage helps you learn candidates' desires and their readiness to embrace the unknown.


Hiring for culture is not easy and it takes a lot of work. However, once you surround yourself with the best people for your company, your business can only prosper.


How do you find the best candidates for your business? Please comment below!

About the Author

ARS is a background screening company known for delivering robust and comprehensive background check services. Our clients include local government, healthcare, technology and banking organizations. 


ARS has established integrations with leading HR technologies for a seamless hiring experience.  As a result, clients gain more insight into their applicant's background, eliminate inefficiencies and vastly improve 






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