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Underemployed Workers: An Untapped Resource For Finding Great Talent

Tuesday, April 28, 2015   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Amber Javaid
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Most people that attend college don’t do so with the idea that they’ll find themselves underemployed. However, this is exactly what has occurred as a result of the recession. Here are five reasons why these people are exactly what your organization needs, and why you should go after them before your competitors do.

1. Someone else has broken them in.

Fresh grads certainly have enthusiasm on their side. They also have a fair bit of cluelessness. The idea of getting up every day at 6 am to make it to work on time is fairly new to them. They often lack the social skills that one acquires after being on the job for a while, such as no texting while dining with the boss or a client.

Employers other than you are breaking in the underemployed, and on someone else’s dime. By the time you hire them, they are well on their way to adapting to the work world.

2. Their egos are in check.

It takes a lot of guts to admit that you aren’t as marketable as you thought you were. When accepting a position where you are underemployed, you have to set aside your ego while serving or waiting on peers who appear to be gainfully employed. You quickly realize that doing a good job is just as important as going through the motions of having a job. There is nowhere else you can get this type of reality check.

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