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Five Questions to Ask of Your Employer Review Site

Posted By Laurie A. Pehar Borsh, Monday, April 30, 2018
Updated: Monday, April 30, 2018

By Kristine Campbell, Founder, Rankfull

Five Questions to Ask of Your Employer Review Site

In today’s age of anonymous online sharing, platforms that show what employees really think about a company are bringing new levels of workplace transparency. Job seekers can learn if a company matches their workplace needs. Employees can voice their thoughts both securely and anonymously. And employers can keep a pulse on employee sentiments about everything from advancement opportunities to the company culture. To meet these needs, traditional platforms such as Glassdoor have long relied, at least partially, on anonymous comments.

Read the article >> here.



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An Invitation to Empathy …one year later

Posted By Editor, Laurie, Tuesday, November 7, 2017
Updated: Friday, November 3, 2017

By Brett Culp – HR West 2018 Keynote

Last November, I sat in a living room with 10 people of diverse viewpoints sharing their hearts. They talked openly about their struggles and fears. Tricia and I were invited to facilitate the discussion, but we cried right along with them.

I wish you could have been there. My heart was filled with hope watching these people build connection with each other from love, even when they knew they didn’t agree on everything.

Healthy relationships and communities are built on speaking and listening well. I believe the events of the last year are an opportunity for all of us to do this together.  Right now, some of our deepest beliefs and anxieties are coming to the surface.

Whatever your opinions are, whomever you voted for, you have a choice:

Continue reading on the HR West Blog.

Tags:  empathy  Employee Engagement  Engagement  HR BLOG  HR leadership  HR Management  HR West 2018  Keynote  Leadership  listening. 

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Workplace Vampires: The Disengaged Employee

Posted By Editor, Laurie, Thursday, April 6, 2017
Updated: Wednesday, April 5, 2017

This video from HR West 2017 speaker Kevin Sheridan explores a third category of employee engagement: The Actively Disengaged.

Did you know? Thirteen percent of the workforce is actively disengaged - they are workplace vampires.

Discover the successful solution that can transform these "workplace terrorists" into productive and "actively engaged" members of your team in Sheridan's 2 minute (highly informative) video:

Tags:  company culture  employee  employee engagement  Engagement  HR Management  Managing Employees  millennial-retention  workplace performance 

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4 Ways SMS Text Messaging Helps Human Resources

Posted By Editor Laurie, Thursday, March 23, 2017
Updated: Thursday, March 23, 2017

Business leaders are constantly struggling to find ways to communicate with their employees more effectively. Employee communication is tricky! You need to strike the perfect balance between ease of use and convenience for the employees. That’s why many HR departments are now looking at SMS text messaging to support communication goals.

Did you know that the open rate of all SMS messages is 98% and that the vast majority of which occur in less than 15 minutes? SMS is also extremely cost and time-effective. and offers terrific automation capabilities.

Here are four ways to leverage SMS text messaging to help your HR department run more efficiently:

1. Sending Company-Wide Messages

Communicating with all of your organization’s employees at the drop of a hat is critical for any Human Resources department. When a new product launches or inclement weather forces the closing of the office, everybody needs to know. SMS is the perfect venue for these notifications. Since the open rate is high and fast, you’ll know that it’s being read by everybody.

Because SMS is short and simple to use, you’ll be able to craft the messages quickly and get them out right away. In an emergency or high-pressure situation, those minutes will make all the difference.

2. Enhancing Your Wellness Program

A large number of employers are offering wellness programs, and even more plan to do so in the near future. Investing in a wellness program can make your employees healthier, happier, and more productive, all while driving healthcare costs down for you and your employees.

SMS offers a great way to enhance or jumpstart your wellness policy. You can use it to send out automated tips and strategies for living a healthy lifestyle to employees who opt-in on a daily or weekly basis. You could even provide them wearable fitness trackers and send them weekly updates on their activity levels.

3. Recruiting

Managing and communicating with potential recruits is an important HR task and a huge timesink.

Using mass SMS text messaging and shortcodes, however, you can automate a great deal of these processes. You can send out updates on postings they have shown
interest in, notify them of a new opening they could be interested in, or let them indicate any questions they might have.

You’ll also have instant access to your entire database of recruits whenever you want.

4. Employee Productivity

A big part of working in Human Resources is helping your company’s employees work more effectively. SMS messaging can do just that. Take scheduling and holding department meetings as an example. It’s often difficult to get everybody together for a meeting, especially when they’re working in different locations on different schedules.

You can leverage SMS messaging to send automatic meeting notifications and reminders, giving individuals the ability to notify their managers if they’re running late or will
miss the meeting altogether. Meetings become easier to manage and more productive, making everybody more efficient.

Are you using SMS text messaging to help your business out? Do you have any questions about how it can help your own business? Make sure to leave any questions or comments below!

Be sure to attend HR TechXpo (August 2017) to learn more about how HR continues to embrace technology and innovation.

Contributed by Sophorn Chhay

Sophorn is the marketing guy at Trumpia, the most complete SMS software with mass sms messaging, smart targeting and automation.
He’s worked with HR managers to help them develop internal communication strategies to streamline employee productivity.

Tags:  emplyee communication  engagement  HR innovation  HR management  recruiting 

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Motivating Through The Ages

Posted By Laurie A. Pehar Borsh, Wednesday, August 3, 2016

In Their Twenties…
Fresh out of college, employees in their twenties are loving their independence and are hungry for success. But for many, the 9-5 confines of becoming a citizen of adulthood leads to disillusionment.
What equals Success: Getting their “yellow belt.” Employees in their twenties move farther away from entry-level positions and start seeing their hard work rewarded with their first promotions.
What can be a Challenge: Ch-ch-changes. A recent study confirmed that 80% of employees in their twenties change career paths. Often, a job or an industry isn’t what fresh grads thought it would be.
How to Motivate: Employees in their twenties want to feel like their work is contributing to something important, so be sure to make your company’s mission clear and meaningful. Take time to show them the results of their efforts—and don’t forget to recognize good work.

In Their Thirties…

Employees in their thirties are starting to settle into a long-term career path, and will have accrued enough experience to be choosy about the type of companies they apply to.
Success: Leadership roles. With a decade of accomplishments, thirty-to forty-year-olds are getting to call some of the shots (and making better money).
Challenge: Work-life Balance. Thirty-somethings with children will find themselves negotiating time between home and work—like having to stay at home with a sick child on a day packed with conference calls.
Motivation: Offer employees flexible schedules that give them to freedom to manage their work and personal lives. Consider implementing a gracious family or medical leave policy, or offer flexible work time and enhanced technology to support remote communication like the folks over at Gap Inc.

In Their Forties…

Success: Employees in this decade of life can claim a specialty, have built a strong professional network, and revel in the fact that they always “know someone they can connect you with.”
Challenge: The elusive mid-life crisis. Employees are taking a step back and assessing their career choices and their general path in life, and begin to accept that certain opportunities have passed them by for good (we can’t be presidents and astronauts).
Motivation: One of the reminders that the forties has arrived is a lower metabolism and the onset of certain aging issues. Make it easy for employees in their forties to meet their health needs – consider offering sensible snack and lunch options, as well as a gym membership subsidy, to help them boost energy both inside and outside of the office.

In Their Fifties-Sixties-and nowadays even Seventies…

Success: Employees in their fifties and up secure real seniority and enjoy their top management positions—with retirement in site.
Challenge: When searching for a job, fifty-somethings fear age discrimination, or being replaced by a younger, zippier employee (who will work for less).
Motivation: Offer professional development resources that help these employees learn new skills, which will inject something new into the routine, and boost confidence when competing with a younger hiring pool.  And take advantage of all of their acquired skills by putting into place a mentor/mentee program, signing up senior executives with millennial ICs to help develop our next round of leaders.

Looking for rewards and recognition that span all life stages?  
Check out our variety of experiential rewards offerings at

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