Don’t you love leaving your office thinking “ Oh boy, haven’t I done a lot today?”  I certainly do, it’s a great feeling! That’s what productivity feels like.

Unfortunately, not everyone gets to experience it.  In the US, productivity growth is slowing down significantly, andcurrently, it’s at its lowest since the early 1980s. In 2014 the output per employee declined to 0.7% from 1.2% in 2013 and the future outlook doesn’t look too bright.

On a positive note, there are a few things you can do to boost your team’s productivity. Maybe if we all work together towards increasing our team’s productivity, the global productivity will go up a bit? We can at least try.

Have a look at these productivity-boosting tips. Feel free to borrow them; we are always happy to share 🙂

1. Nurture the bond between your teammates

‘A company is only as good as the people it keeps’. Making sure that your teammates know how to work together and enjoy working together is crucial. Nothing improves productivity as much as social collaboration. Motivate your peers to regularly communicate with each other, online and offline, formally and informally. Keep them posted about how the company is doing, and make sure to involve everyone in key projects and events.

Nurturing the bond between your teammates is especially important now that the number of employees working from home is on the rise. By 2020, 50% of employees will be working remotely.

2. Use social technology

We are social animals. Social technology is widely present in our lives, and it’s getting harder to imagine living without it. According to McKinsey, social technology can improve communication and collaboration which in turn result in up to 25% productivity boost.

A survey done by Deloitte shows that employees who have access to collaboration technology are up to 20% more satisfied with their workplace culture. This number increases to 34% if the company supports innovation. emplo  is a social collaboration platform that employees love; it has tremendous potential but it’s easy to use.

emplo_social collaboration_productivity_employee engagement

Use a personalized newsfeed to cooperate on multiple projects and stay up to date on key company events. Access to a knowledge base will encourage knowledge sharing  and idea exchange.

“The frontier of human productive capacity today is the power of extended collaboration — the ability to work together beyond the scope of small groups. Today’s technologies have the potential to enable a very different level of business performance” – make a good use of them.

3. Encourage feedback sharing

People like to be praised if they do something well, but they also appreciate constructive criticism that allows them to improve their work and that’s what feedback is for. Both accomplishments and errors should be acknowledged. Receiving feedback is especially important for younger generations. Nearly 85% of Millennials say they would feel more confident if they could have more frequent conversations with their managers.

Here are some thought-provoking statistics:

  • 78% of US workers said being recognized motivates them in their job
  • 35% of workers claimed lack of recognition as the biggest hindrance to their productivity
  • 16% of employees left their previous job due to a lack of recognition

emplo offers different feedback options: 90, 270, 360. It’s easy to conduct and interpret. You choose what kind of feedback to provide. emplo also gives you the option to provide instant feedback –  a great way to casually let someone know they did something well or indicate areas they need to work on. Giving feedback doesn’t have to be a time-consuming process.


4. Turn off your email notifications

Every day we receive hundreds of emails. It is a great communication tool but it can be a real productivity killer if not kept under control.  We spend around 13 hours a week checking emails, which translates into 637 hours a year and costs $1,790, 454, 120, 000 annually. That’s 13.4 times the wealth of Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates, and Warren Buffett combined!

On average it takes up to 25 minutes to regain productivity after checking an email. Considering the number of emails we receive daily, that’s a lot of time lost. Agreeing to check your inbox only 3 times a day, for example, could save you a lot of time and significantly boost your productivity.

Thanks to emplo you could reduce your internal email traffic by up to 97% just like our customers did.

That’ all folks. Now go and turn your workplaces into more productive ones. Good luck!

About the Author

Katarzyna Kowalska
Senior B2B Marketing Specialist at emplo, responsible for marketing activities in the UK and the US. Spent 9 years living and working in the UK. Previously worked at Philips Healthcare and Datamonitor Consumer. Feels passionate about marketing and strongly believes in the power of good content marketing.