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Will 2018 be the year that sexual harassment finally becomes a leadership priority?

Posted By Editor, Laurie, Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Contributed by


HR West 2018 Partner  

Last week, we released new data from our Voice of the Workplace pulse on sexual harassment in the workplace. 
Along with our partner, NCHRA (producer of HR West), we sent this pulse to thousands of people from organizations of all sizes to get their thoughts on this increasingly important issue. 

Read on the HR West Blog






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HR TechXpo to Showcase the Intersection between HR and Technology

Posted By Editor, Laurie, Tuesday, August 1, 2017

The San Francisco Bay Area is the Home of Innovation in Human Resources 

Are you ready? NCHRA will present the HR TechXpo on August 25th in San Francisco! 
Producing over 100 events annually and give professionals an opportunity to network and explore what’s new in HR, the Northern California Resources Association (NCHRA) has been providing education and inspiration for HR professionals to the Bay Area since 1960.

Attendees will be able to explore live demos and hands-on opportunities that cover the A-Z of HR technology from early stage startups to enterprise-sized providers.

The unique set-up of the event offers a low-pressure setting to seek out the right partner for your organization.

Partnering together, NCRHA and Waggl recently produced a quarterly research pulse: The Voice of the Workplace.

Results from the Voice of the Workplace pulses have been widely distributed as cutting edge research throughout a variety of publications.

Attendees at HR TechXpo can expect to see a strong Waggl presence! 

The company will have representatives on site to answer your questions about how to incorporate Waggl into your organization.

Register today for HR TechXpo!  attend for FREE -- Enter the code “WagglPass” upon checkout. 

Read the entire article on the New HR West Blog.


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Cultivating Diversity in the Workplace is Essential for Driving Innovation, Says Research

Posted By Laurie A. Pehar Borsh, Thursday, March 16, 2017
Updated: Thursday, March 16, 2017

The Northern California Human Resource Association (NCHRA), and Waggl—the most human way for organizations to crowdsource feedback—released new data from its joint “Voice of the Workplace” pulse on the subject of diversity in the workplace.

According to Voice of the Workplace, an overwhelming 96% responded that they believe cultivating diversity in the workplace is essential for driving innovation.  Responses were relatively consistent across various demographics including age, gender, region, and size of organization.  In addition, 71% of the participants said that they feel their organization is strongly committed to fostering diversity.  Among respondents under the ages of 31, 100% felt that diversity is essential and believed that their organizations are strongly committed to fostering it.

“Despite the current politics of borders and immigration, it is generally accepted that companies benefit from cultivating a diverse workforce, but it can be difficult to measure or quantify the impact of diversity on an organization’s ability to innovate,” said Greg Morton, CEO, NCHRA. “However, as this pulse indicates, we’ve all witnessed cases in which diversity has directly driven innovation by creating an environment where ‘out of the box’ ideas are
heard and encouraged.  We’ve also seen situations where, without sufficient knowledge or training about culture diversity, managers can inadvertently fail to cultivate trust
and respect in the workplace without even being aware of the consequences.  It appears organizations that continue to actively commit to cultivating ‘cultural intelligence’ will
be generally better equipped to innovate.”

In this pulse, HR West and Waggl also posed the question, “What is the biggest advantage of building a diverse workforce?” and distilled crowdsourced responses into a
ranked list. The top 3 answers were:

  1. “With a diverse workforce (age, gender, ethnicity, ability, etc.) one brings together a multitude of thoughts, ideas, [and] experience levels that has a greater potential
    to drive innovation, and promote constructive debate to move an organization forward.”
  2. “Having multiple perspectives encourages management to see things differently, and can help enormously with problem-solving. It also helps us to avoid ‘group think.’”
  3. “It takes diverse thoughts & opinions to create exceptional products and services, but more importantly it takes a diverse [and] inclusive workforce to build the
    foundational values of trust [and] respect which are the bedrocks of amazing and enduring cultures.”

Waggl is designed to help organizations to create a culture of innovation by creating real-time, two-way dialogue to be used to surface ideas, collect authentic feedback, and build consensus.  Unlike traditional survey and polling platforms, Waggl engages participants by asking open-ended questions where favorite responses can be “voted up.”
The platform enables fast, frequent, focused conversation on virtually any topic.

“Cultivating diversity is more important than ever, in our current era of business disruption and change,” said Michael Papay, Cofounder and CEO, Waggl. “The benefits of diversity become more evident as organizations start to open up lines of transparent communication and encourage authentic relationships between employees; creating an open forum to build connection, collaboration and alignment across the organization.”


Tags:  diversity  feedback  HR  innovation  leadership  Waggl 

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End the Year on a Grateful, Not Hateful, Note

Posted By Editor, Laurie, Thursday, December 22, 2016

Contributed by Michael Papay
The CEO and cofounder of Waggl will present his session,
The Power of Listening, at

March 6-8, 2017 - Register today

End the Year on a Grateful, Not Hateful, Note

Let’s be honest: 2016 has been a heavy year. For starters, we lost several admired cultural icons (David Bowie, Prince, Leonard Cohen, and Sharon Jones,
to name just a few). We also experienced what is widely regarded as one of the most contentious and divisive elections in history.

No matter what political side you found yourself on, you would have to agree that the negativity has seeped into even our most sacred spaces and taken an
emotional toll on most Americans.

Take a look at social media networks, which have morphed from safe places to exchange experiences and pleasantries into cesspools of anger and vitriol.
Our relationships have been strained. Turn on any news channel, and you can practically feel the toxicity pour into your living room.
Attend a local debate or any kind of gathering to see just how fractured our communities have become.

We now find ourselves in a holiday season meant to help us reflect, recharge, and celebrate new beginnings. We kicked things off with Thanksgiving –
my favorite holiday, because it revolves around the granddaddy of all meals, and more importantly, offers a time when we can reconnect with loved ones
and express our gratitude for our family, friendships, health, and freedom. Then came the Winter Solstice, and now, Hanukkah, Christmas, and Kwanzaa
are right around the corner. All of these holidays offer us the opportunity to reconnect spiritually and experience the magic of giving.

Finally, we end our holiday season with New Year’s Day, a time when we can reset our dreams and create goals designed to take us to new and exciting places.

We have the next two weeks to let gratitude, giving, and goals guide us back to feeling like human beings again. This is a noble opportunity. Let’s not waste it.
We can use this focus at home and at work.

My company, Waggl, offers a solution designed to help organizations pulse questions and create two-way dialogues with their employees. We are fortunate to have the opportunity each and every day to learn from our customers, who value their employees as their most important stakeholders and are actively and transparently
managing their organizations to create amazing workplaces.

Think of a Work Experience That Made You Feel Grateful

armsWaggl utilizes short questions (“pulses”) that you send out to employees.
Last week, one of our clients offered a simple and actionable question to help set a positive and impactful tone in their workplace:

“Think of a time when you experienced an interaction with a colleague or client that made you feel grateful to be part of the family. Please share your story.”

This pulse was received like water in the desert and resulted in one of the highest response rates ever at that particular company.

We have since shared this Waggl question with all of our customers and the results have been uplifting.

The opportunity for employees to share their stories has helped people realize that within all of our companies and communities, incredible acts of kindness and decency happen each and every day.

Too often, good news goes uncelebrated. We’re busy closing out fiscal years. We’re running from meeting to meeting.
Who has time to find the silver lining when it feels like we’re always under a cloud?

When we get caught up in measuring things through polls and surveys, we forget that there are people behind those numbers – people with incredible insights to share and stories that can resonate with us in many meaningful ways. Clear narratives cut through the distraction that is everywhere in our daily lives. Coupled with techniques like “appreciative inquiry,” which focuses the discussion on celebrating the positive instead of wallowing in the negative, these narratives can re-inspire all of us.

Carry It Forward

We can spend the next couple of weeks rebuilding together by listening to one another and celebrating all the positive things we are achieving. We are blessed to live in a country that is built on centuries of sacrifice and grit. Our economy thrives as a result of its incredible diversity. Throughout most of business history, the best companies and ideas have come from those with opposing viewpoints.

This year, instead of hitting your employees with another 60-question survey that will take months to process, ask one question that will have immediate, meaningful impact.
It won’t solve all of the world’s problems, but it’s a wonderful place to start.

After all, according to Marcus Tullius Cicero, “Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all others.”  
A version of this article originally appeared on Waggl’s blog.

Michael Papay is CEO and cofounder of Waggl, a real-time feedback platform that helps organizations source authentic feedback.

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NCHRA and Waggl Uncover New Insights from the HR Industry toward Innovation

Posted By Laurie A. Pehar Borsh, Wednesday, August 17, 2016

73% believe that an innovative workplace is actually more important than pay scale in attracting and retaining top talent

and Waggl, an all new and simple way to distill real-time insights from groups of people, recently released new data which reveals insights about the outlook of the human resources industry toward innovation. 

NCHRA reached out to more than twenty thousand HR professionals about their outlook toward innovation in the workplace.  Results indicate that 73 percent agree that innovation is key to retaining and attracting top talent, but respondents were divided about whether their own place of employment is innovative (with 60 percent saying yes, vs. 41 percent saying no).

Millennial respondents were most likely to feel that an innovative workplace is more important than pay scale (78 percent, vs. 70 percent of Gen-Xers and 72 percent of baby boomers).  Millennials were also most likely to say that their place of employment is innovative (69 percent), in comparison with 57 percent of Gen-Xers and 53 percent of baby boomers saying that their place of employment is innovative.

According to Ingrid Stabb, Associate Vice President of Marketing, NCHRA was intrigued by the dichotomy between the percentage of HR professionals who clearly value innovation, and yet do not believe that their own place of employment is innovative. “These results strengthen our commitment toward listening to the HR community’s insights, and helping our members put those insights and values into practice in the workplace.”

NCHRA sent the “Innovation in the Workplace” Pulse (questionnaire) to HR professionals via Waggl’s
crowdsourced listening platform over a ten-day period of time from June 8-18, 2016. Participants were asked whether they agreed or disagreed with two statements:

  • “An innovative workplace is more important than pay , to attract and retain top talent”
  • “I consider my place of employment an innovative workplace.”

Respondents also asked the open-ended question: “What innovation would you like to see in the workplace?” 

The common themes that emerged from 2,966 votes included using new or improved technology, employee engagement, working from home, better approaches to performance management, and moving away from paper.

In addition, at the recent HR West conference in Seattle on July 15th NCHRA used Waggl to pose the question, “What area of HR needs the most innovation, and why?” -- to over 200 HR professionals in attendance at the event.  Here are the top three answers that were crowdsourced in real time:

  1. Talent management. We need to learn what's important to potential and new employees in order to increase tenure and engagement. How do we maintain productivity and yet allow them time to build community at work?
  2. Performance Reviews. Feedback should be ongoing, not just once a year.
  3. Leadership coaching. A lot of HR issues stem from poor leadership.


“We are excited about the depth and breadth of insights that emerged from these two pulse surveys,” said Michael Papay, CEO, Waggl.  “It is clear that HR professionals believe that innovation is important, particularly when it comes to managing talent.  It is also evident that they feel that there is some work to be done in order to encourage innovation by increasing the frequency of feedback.  Listening and creating a 2-way dialogue is the key to fostering better understanding for business leaders and employees alike.”

The great organizations of the future are listening for insights now, not years from now,” said Steve Cadigan of Cadigan Talent Ventures.  “HR professionals have a chance to make more of an impact in the world now than ever before."

More About Waggl

Waggl is a simple way to surface and distill real-time actionable feedbackNamed after the dance that bees do in a hive to transmit important information very quickly, Waggl lives at the intersection of two organizational realities:  Companies want an engaged workforce and employees want to know that their opinions count.  Waggl goes beyond the traditional survey by offering an extremely easy way to listen to many voices at once within an organization for the purpose of making it better. Waggl’s real-time listening platform creates a transparent, authentic two-way dialogue that gives people a voice, distills insights, and unites organizations through purpose. With a highly seasoned management team and a Board including esteemed executives from Glassdoor, Success Factors, Hirevue, and Coupa, Waggl is an innovative industry leader helping companies of all sizes to succeed by building a listening culture.   For more information, please visit:

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