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    HR West Magazine

    Our flagship publication focusing on what matters most to HR. HR West covers best practice trends and presents new ideas and concepts to keep readers up-to-date with the latest in our industry. Vital issues such as workforce planning, strategy design, performance management and more. 

    Print copies are mailed to NCHRA Members five times each year and also stored online for easy reference.

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    July 2015 - Wellness At Work Issue


    • Member Profile: Chris Gill, CCP, GRP, SPHR, Director of Human Resources at Amphenol DC Electronics
    • Wearable Wellness - by Brad Cooper
    • It's Not Just About Harassment Anymore - by Jennifer Hancock
    • Three Reasons Employees Don't Use Their Benefits - by Steve Wendel

    May 2015 - Talent Strategy Issue


    • Member Profile: Senta Carter, SPHR, Director of Talent Management at Telecare Corporation
    • Show Me the Money! Is It Really All About Pay? - by Nicole Smartt
    • 10 Strategies for Transforming the "War" for Talent into a Mutual Journey of Success - by Sunil Bagai
    • Innovations for Attracting Modern Talent - by Jeanne MacDonald
    March 2015 - Workplace Strategy Issue


    • Building Workplace Strategy into HR Planning - by Reza Ahmadi, Ph.D.
    • Happy Environment. Happy Employees. Planning the Optimal Workplace. - by Terrapin Bright Green
    • Driving Accountability with a Leadership Contract - by Vince Molinaro
    • Scenario Planning and Strategic Forecasting - Jay Ogilvy

    January 2015 - Yearbook Issue


    • The Year in Pictures
    • Thank You Volunteers
    • Employment Law Wrap-Up - by Carolyn Rashby and Jocelyn Chan
    • 5 Priorities HR Can't Ignore in 2015 - by CEB HR

    November 2014 - Conference Preview Issue


    • Member Profile: Jyoti Singh, SPHR-CA, CCP
    • 7 Essential Behaviors - by Alan Fine
    • Archer's Paradox - by Sarah Lewis
    • Taking the "D" out of PTSD - by Dr. Richard Pimentel, and Dr. Heidi Kraft
    • Turn That Soul-Crushing Conference Into a Win - Sue Shellenbarger

    September 2014 - Skills Gap: Reality or Myth? 


    • Member Profile: Julio Fernandez, Director of Human Resources, W San Francisco
    • The Quest for Workforce Capability - by Josh Bersin, Jen Stempel and Bernard van der Vyer
    • Tackling the Skills Gap - by Jennifer Ortega
    • 5 Training Techniques for Addressing the Skills Gap - by Melissa Asher, SPHR
    • Jobs and Skills and Zombies: The Myth of the Skills Gap - by Paul Krugman

    July 2014 - The New Realities of Flexibility


    • Member Profile: Prem K. Bajaj, SPHR-CA, Principal Analyst , BART
    • HR West 2014...That's a Wrap!!
    • Caring for Aging Parents: FMLA/CFRA Concerns - by Jennifer Cotner
    • Flexibility: A Key Driver for Engagement - by David W. Miller
    • The Age Premium: Retaining Older Workers - by Steven Greenhouse
    May 2014 - The HR Leader


    • Member Profile: Lisa Frydenlund, PHR-CA, Manager, Human Resources John Muir Medical Group
    • 5 Leadership Techniques to Revamp Right Now - by Cy Wakeman
    • Six Principles for Becoming a Disruptive Leader - by Jay Elliot
    • Compassion at Work: Before It's Too Late, Integrate! - by Daniel Martin, Ph.D.
    • Visual Leadership: I See What You Mean - by Eris Weaver

    March 2014 - The Conference Preview Issue


    • Member Profile: Bob Bailey, Director, HR & Administration Evelyn & Walter Haas, Jr.
    • Why Employers Aren't Filling Jobs - by Peter Cappelli
    • 7 Tools for Sparking Creative Conversations - by Tamara Kleinberg
    • Being Real at Work - by Joe Gerstandt
    • The Buffet Cannot Hire You - by Shari Harley

    January 2014 - The Legal Issue


    • Member Profile: Christine M. Pallatto, Director of HR, Global Fund for Women & 2014 NCHRA Board President
    • 5 Sticky Background Check Situations - by Lester Rosen
    • Independent Contractors: 10 Best Practices to Mitigate Risk - by Maria Goyer
    • Immigration in 2014 - by Sameer Khedekar and Addie Hogan
    • Six Labor & Employment Cases Slated for Supreme Court Decision in 2014 - by Gwen Morales, Sally Scott, Lindsey Marcus
    • Emplyee Leaves in California: Your To-Do Checklist - by James J. McDonald, Jr.

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    HR West Magazine is our flagship publication focusing on what matters most to HR. Sent to over 3,500 Members, HR West covers best practice trends and presents new ideas and concepts to keep readers up-to-date with the latest in our industry.

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