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Do you love to write about HR?

Over the last two years, our goal has been to develop the NCHRA HR West blog into an active place for human resources professionals in the bay area and beyond to share their industry knowledge, insight and thought leadership.

We look to partner with those who can support the Next Concept HR Association's brand value #1:
What's Next?

Our first goal is to always partner with our speakers, sponsors and vendors first (in a co-promotional vein) to offer our members the most innovative and thought-provoking information possible. 

However, if you are a writer who specializes in writing about "What's Next?" (for the HR industry) and can provide NCHRA's members and all HR West Blog readers with exceptional, leading-edge information, we want to hear form you!

Articles should be from 750 to 1500 words, our blog manager will provide final approval (and reasons for non-approval) as well as publishing date. During the editing process our blog manager will ensure that the content is optimized for search and high-priority readership.

Guest bloggers may contribute as often as they would like. If blogging on behalf of an organization, we do ask that you keep the topic neutral. However we will provide a byline (author information) including links to a company or personal website or blog and social media profiles, as well as email addresses. Be sure to include this information with your first submission.

We also expect all content contributors to the HR West Blog to also promote one's own articles to their specific audiences (on social media, email lists, etc.). 

Please submit your articles to:

Blog Manager and Editor,
Laurie Pehar Borsh

*Note: During certain NCHRA/HR West events, content priority will be given to our speakers, sponsors, partners and vendors.

Thank you!