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Products and Services Handpicked for NCHRA Members!

NCHRA and Hiremojo have partnered to bring our community a modern and easy way to find and keep the best employees.


Find and Keep the best employees.

One platform with all the resources you need-ridiculously easy to use!

HireMojo is a game changing subscription-based Hiring Automation Platform™. Imagine having a simple, fully integrated platform that makes it possible for anyone, regardless of recruiting knowledge or skill, to easily fill jobs with people who produce more and stay longer. HireMojo’s constellation of resources are seamlessly integrated without any additional costs or effort to use. Elements include marketing capabilities (premium and free job boards, social networks, employee referrals, etc.) proprietary candidate direct sourcing, a patented interview framework with scoring and ranking, a best-practice-based workflow and robust communication to all stakeholders throughout the recruiting, interviewing and hiring process.

HireMojo loves NCHRA. Contact HireMojo to receive your NCHRA member discount: Click Here to contact HireMojo.



The Number One Reason Companies Succeed, Struggle, or Fail

Many companies are so stretched for time, resources, and budget that they neglect one of the most important aspects of business - hiring the right person to do the job. You wouldn't hire a mechanic to be an astronaut, right? Find out what you need to know about how to hire to succeed inside.

Watch HireMojo CEO John Younger talk about success:


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