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Products and Services hand picked for our NCHRA Members

NCHRA and Human Resources Today have partnered to bring our community a modern and easy way to keep up on the latest HR news and trends.

We know that you’ll find Human Resources Today to be a valuable information resource. Visit the site each day to find:

  • The top-ranked posts of the day from over 300 Human Resource thought leaders. These aren’t re-hashed press releases. They’re the insight and analysis from most of our industry’s top writers.
  • It will save you time. Who has the time to search through 10 key writers each day, let alone 300? HRT ranks the best posts from all of these writers every day.
  • It’s not some editor’s opinion of what’s the best each day, it’s your opinion…and that of your peers. HRT uses sophisticated social-media driven algorithms that use the audience to rank all that content.
  • You can do a deep dive on any HR subject. Let’s say you need to do research on human capital management systems (or succession issues, talent management, etc.). Click on the topic you need from the index, and you’ll see all the appropriate posts. By the way, there are over 1,100 posts on human capital management.


But to get more out of Human Resources Today, here’s a suggestion: sign up as a registered user. Here are just a couple of the key reasons why:

  • You will get the posts that are most relevant to you. HRT has the ability to personalize what each registered user sees. And it’s easy to do. Just read what you want. And if you also share any articles on social media, click on keywords and tell the system you’re interested, or fill out their easy-to-use form indicating your interests, it will make the personalization that much better.
  • That personalization is available to you in your email. You might say who needs another newsletter. Because HRT delivers the widest set of HR content available and personalizes it to your individual needs, you’ll be able to stop reading those other newsletters you get.

We partnered with Human Resources Today because we know it is valuable to our members. Check it out today and join over 125,000 HR professionals that are already reading it. Human Resources Today.