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Private Networking Platform for community members

Join our virtual community to connect with fellow human resources professionals and share ideas. Participation is free for NCHRA members. Choose from a variety of groups including professional development, certification, or legal updates and engage in thoughtful discussions. For more information or to sign up, just log in to NCHRA and choose your groups. Questions? Contact Naomi at or call 800-339-4481.

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How it Works

NCHRA Connect is an opportunity for NCHRA members to connect in a private human resource professionals environment to discuss topics that you care about. NCHRA Connect is always on! You can participate when it is convenient for you.

Why Participate?

Here are four reasons we hope you'll be excited to participate in NCHRA Connect:

1. Connect with Human Resources Professionals. Want to connect with intelligent, driven and interesting people in our profession? Joining NCHRA Connect will introduce you to other professionals and help grow your network.

2. Stay up on the latest information. Choose the groups that interest you. Discussions revolve around the latest in professional development, legal changes, relevant articles, and the latest book club readings. Have a specific topic? Start your own discussion thread!

3. Get answers from people you trust. NCHRA Connect is only for NCHRA members. That means you are communicating with the same people you would meet at a conference or an NCHRA regional event. Your peers in your profession.

4. Groups! Choose to follow the general newsfeed or sign up for the groups specific to your interests. Group topics include: certification, career development, and HR West. Coming Soon! Regional groups to track what is happening near you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is my information and participation safe?

Yes, NCHRA connect is a closed community available to paying NCHRA members only. Our NCHRA Connect Group Administrators will moderate for any inappropriate or negative comments and work with those members directly to remove any content not deemed appropriate for a professional discussion site.

Is there any cost to participate?

Participation is free for NCHRA members. You can join NCHRA or renew your membership and start participating immediately. Click here to learn more about the benefits of an NCHRA membership.

How do NCHRA Connect discussions work?

NCHRA Connect is managed by HR Professionals. Group Administrators moderate the NCHRA online group and discussions occur online. The group poses questions, shares relevant articles and encourage conversation about recent HR topics. Members will be able to post and share as well. This format allows for ongoing conversation and makes it easy for participants to connect with each other through the NCHRA website.

What if I don't have an online NCHRA Profile?

We are using the online community on to host NCHRA Connect so it's easy to connect with fellow NCHRA participating members. If you don't have an NCHRA membership profile you can make one by logging into your NCHRA member account and completing the profile questions Here.

What exactly is NCHRA Connect and how is it connected to NCHRA?

NCHRA Connect is a part of the NCHRA community and is managed by NCHRA staff and members.