Speaker Kit
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Once you are accepted as a speaker we look forward to co-promoting your session!

Whether you are speaking on a webinar, at a member meeting, in a seminar, at a conference, or some other venue, we will promote your session and we invite you to promote it as well!

Session Co-Marketing & Promotion Ideas

A rising tide raises all ships. Let’s piggy-back each other’s promotional efforts and we welcome your co-marketing ideas. Here are a few tools you can use to promote your session:

  • Session Title and Link: Your official marketed title and link will be live here on the Event Calendar on nchra.org.
  • NCHRA Blog: Contact our publicist, Laurie Pehar Borsh, at lauriepeharborsh@lpbpr.com about submitting a blog for our website which we will promote to our community of 20,000 HR professionals as well as over our social media channels.
  • Headshot & Bio: Please email a web-friendly headshot and your bio to our publicist, Laurie Pehar Borsh, at lauriepeharborsh@lpbpr.com, and she will ensure the whole marketing team has access to these items for not only the NCHRA blog, but other communications such as potential promotional emails.
  • Media: Do you have a website or any videos, blog posts, whitepapers, tip sheets, infographics, or case studies you can share with us? We’d love to use them to promote your session. Please share them with our publicist, Laurie Pehar Borsh, at lauriepeharborsh@lpbpr.com.

  • Social Media:

  • Twitter - Tweet or simply follow us @NextConceptHR and re-tweet our tweets.
  • Facebook - Like us on Facebook (facebook.com/NCHRA) and share our posts. Or post your own stories on your page and link back to your session.
  • LinkedIn - Post on your LinkedIn page about your session topic/industry news, and invite people to “Learn more at [Your Session Link]” Or you can follow our LinkedIn company here and group pages and comment and like our posts here.
  • Letter/Email - Send an email to your clients inviting them to your program.

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**A Note Concerning Honoraria - We look for contributors willing to share their expertise without expectation of payment in the spirit of fulfilling the Association's Mission: "To educate, connect and lead the HR profession to achieve individual and organizational excellence.”

Interested in presenting for us? Please click here to submit your proposal for our year-round programming.