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Products and Services hand picked for NCHRA Members

NCHRA and brokerSpotlight have partnered to bring our community a modern and easy way to find the best broker for your company's needs.


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The employee benefits market is too complex, expensive and risky for employers to forgo working closely with a broker or consultant. There are differences between the skills, expertise, and results of various brokers and consultants, and these differences are profoundly important. For these reasons, brokerSpotlight™ was created as an online venue to connect employers and employee benefits brokers and consultants. For our members, the site offers simple tools to find brokers and compare options using an RFP (request for proposal) tool to hire the right broker for their unique needs.

Problem: It can take months to find and hire the right broker or consultant for your firm, and it is time consuming and confusing to check if you are currently getting the value you deserve.
Solution: The first step is to create a great candidate list, and you can do that here faster and more effectively than anywhere else. Just enter your zip code and number of employees in the broker database and get started!

Broker Spotlight is working with NCHRA to offer this free benefit for our members. We know that finding a benefits broker and the right benefits for your company size and budget can be very time consuming. With broker spotlight, our members can streamline the process by using this online portal to get to the right broker. Watch the short video below for a quick explanation of how it works.

The New Era of Benefits Brokerage

Turn your broker selection into strategic advantage


Are you a Benefits Broker?

From a broker perspective, brokerSpotlight™ is a place to get found, share value, and grow your business. Use brokerSpotlight™ to get access to employers looking for you.

How it Works:
  • Choose your Package
  • Build your Profile
  • Develop new Prospects
  • Grow your Business

“A simple platform that introduces me to new prospects, differentiates my firm and helps me grow my business."

– Liz Frayer, President, Intrepid Benefits

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